How to Create a Blog

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Blogs are beneficial for individuals or businesses. Creating a blog takes more than simply setting up a place to write. Keep reading to learn the secrets of creating a successful blog.

Choose A Blog Hosting Site

Both Blogger and Wordpress are great hosting sites. Blogger offers account holders the benefit of easy publishing to their own site. The features are easy to use, and account holders enjoy the option to customize their blog's appearance. Wordpress is best known for its security features. While Blogger allows account holders to block certain followers, Wordpress allows restricted and open access to be set on an individual basis. This means that obnoxious people who are restricted will only be able to read the blog. However, they won't be able to add their unappreciated comments. Valued users who have positive comments may be allowed full access to the blog.

Set Up The Blog

After choosing a hosting site, follow the steps to set up the blog. Both sites have a very simple process for blog setup. While going through the steps, be sure to choose an appropriate and attractive background. While most people think this aspect is irrelevant, it's important to know that appearance does have an effect on a reader's perspective. For example, if the blog is for a hair and makeup site, choose pretty colors and a trendy design. However, if the blog is for a marketing representative, it's best to choose a simple background with cool colors. Avoid cluttering the blog with excessive widgets, photos or links. It's acceptable to add one or two widgets. When creating a blog, always remember that readers are going to the blog to read the content. Unless additions or widgets are beneficial, don't add them. Be sure that the finished product is attractive, organized and easy to read.

Publish & Advertise The Blog

Create at least one post, then publish the blog. Advertise its location on a personal or business Internet site, social networking page or blog submission site. Businesses should be sure to post interesting information. However, be sure to keep the content short. Add contests, free prizes or rewards for readers who bring more followers. Promoting a personal blog may be more difficult. Social networking sites are a powerful tool for this task. Create Facebook and Twitter accounts. Use them to post regular links to the blog, adding an intriguing status message. This will help draw readers' attention.

Always remember that introductory anecdotes, written illustrations and fun facts make blog content that will leave readers looking forward to the next post.

Appearance does have an effect on a reader's perspective
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by Jess Smith, Jewelry & Watches writer

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