Ways to make money – Is it possible with Hypnosis?

Derren BrownI was watching a Program on the TV the other night with illusionist/hypnotist , who was trying to find out whether it was actually possible to hypnotize someone into doing something they wouldn't normally do, i.e it's against their religion or morals.

I was fascinated.

He got his idea from the shooting of Robert Kennedy in 1968. The perpetrator, , has always protested his innocence saying that he doesn't remember anything about the weeks leading up to the event, or even the event itself, he must have been hypnotized!

Back to the TV Program and Derren Brown's mission

He started with a full audience of people who thought they were there just to take part in a . Little did they know he was actually looking for the perfect candidate to carry out the assassination of a well known celebrity, which actually turned out to be .

Some of the 'stunts' he performed was sticking a girls hands together so that she couldn't pull them apart. Getting four people to stand in a circle and on the given signal to throw acid in the face of the person in front of them. Of course it was only water, don't panic!

Then he got two guys to put an arm each into a freezing tank of , once or twice normally and then under hypnosis. They believed the water was warm!

Finally, he chose one of those men to actually sit in the same tank just in a pair of shorts.( I'm coming to point, hang on!) He'd found his hit man.

This is the bit that made me sit up and think.

He then took this guy to a shooting gallery to see whether he could use a gun. He was a terrible shot, missing the target almost completely. But then Derren Brown put him 'under' and made him believe he had the skills of a .


The guy was immediately getting 4 out of six shots on the bullseye. How did that happen? There was no way this had been rigged. All through the show they were proving that they'd never met before, and I believe it. Call me a mug but I actually believe there is something in hypnosis. Anyway, of course he went on to shoot Stephen Fry in front of a which was quite impressive the way it was staged.

Of course, the point of all this is that we all have foibles or ghosts in our closet to deal with through life, but could we simply leave all that behind with hypnosis? Why is it that some people manage to make loads of money on the internet, but others seem to struggle making one sale? I personally believe its as simple as self-confidence. Those that make it big have only got more self-confidence, other than that, they started from the same place as everybody else.

The rest of it can be learned.

Maybe I'll see you at the !?


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