How Understanding Your Numbers Can Make YOU Money!

I keep telling you this “marketing stuff” is simple…And today I’m gonna prove it to you yet again! 😉

Survey your marketYou see, there’s actually a simple science to marketing. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to put a blindfold, take a shot in the dark, and hope that your marketing succeeds. Not at all!

A huge key to success is *testing*, which means doing some *simple math* and number crunching to identify what WORKS…

Now don’t lose me here. It’s a bit “dry”, but if you stick with me for just 3 minutes, it could mean the difference between losing your shirt, and making an easy SIX FIGURES or more online!…

So let’s say you’re promoting an offer that pays $10 *monthly* per sale… The first thing you’d want to look at is how much you have to *spend* in order to make a sale. Let’s
say you’re running a pay per click ad on Facebook, and the average clickthrough to your offer costs you .25 cents. That’s $25 for 100 clicks, right?

Now let’s say it turns out that your offer converts at 2% overall. This means that 2 people out of every 100 to visit your offer end up buying…So obviously, you’re paying $25 to get 2 sales, or, $12.50 per sale.

…And as we mentioned, you’re *making* $10 monthly *per each sale*, which means $20 per every 100 clicks based on our 2% conversion rate. So initially, you’re spending $25, and making $20. Not so hot, right?…

But wait! The $10 commission pays *monthly*! So the final piece to our puzzle is to track how LONG buyers stick with your monthly offer. For the sake of example we’ll say that people stay on board with your offer for 5 months…

And THIS is where the number crunching gets really exciting!  What appears at first to be a losing offer, is actually a HUGE winner. $10 per month x 5 months, is a $50 commission.
So of course, two sales per 100 clicks means $100 total commission.

So when all is said and done, you’re paying $25 for 2 sales (per every 100 clicks). And
making $100 in commissions (per every 100 clicks)…Meaning you walk away with a $75 PROFIT per every 100 clicks!!!

Once you’ve identified a profitable offer such as this example (preferably after testing on a
*modest* budget), you’re ready to “go big”… Begin increasing your advertising budget, to
start getting as many clicks as you’re able (assuming that the *quality* of traffic remains)!

Just imagine, if you’re making $75 per 100 clicks, that’s $750 for 1,000 clicks, and a
whopping $7,500 for 10,000 clicks!…And indeed, people are using this same basic
“simple math approach” to make FULL TIME incomes, working from the comfort of home!!

Who said you’d never have to use math in real life? 😉

to your success


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