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I watched a really great film the other night with my family, we love watching films. I suppose it wasn’t so much ‘great’ as ‘thought provoking’. I had no idea what it was about beforehand, and even the title “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” didn’t give much away.

Those of you from the states will know what I’m talking about. It was, in my opinion, an extremely moving film about the events of 9/11 seen through the eyes of a boy. Wow, talk about reality check. I bet most people could remember exactly what they were doing when all that unfolded?!

A man ThinkingAnyway, what’s all this got to do with starting an internet business? Simple, the film was all about this young boy and the relationship he had with his father, which was very close compared to his mother. His father goes to work one day and never comes back. All the boy has are his memories and the answerphone messages his dad left at that awful time.

Now, there was no way that anybody could know what was going to happen that day. What would happen to your family if you went out one day and never came back? The biggest reason most people want to earn lots of money on the internet, isn’t actually the money, it’s what the money can provide for you and your family. Think about that for a minute! While you’re procrastinating about what happens next, what happens next is happening! Time doesn’t stop!

I think I’ve made it clear. You just need to have it clear in your mind why you want to do this. When you have, write it down and pin it up somewhere you can see it. This is your motivation. Without it you just won’t go anywhere.

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