To make your venture into the online world easier, I have listed here the most important tools, software and resources you will need. I strongly recommend and  suggest you have a look at each of them, as they will quickly change the speed at which your business grows and develops (not to mention the amount of money you could be making).

If you are serious about internet marketing and earning the kind of life changing money that can be made online, then you really need to take the time to look at each of the below tools and click on the links for further information.



An Autoresponder is an absolute must in the online world. What is it? Quite simply, it’s a place where you type in pre-written newsletters or articles to be sent at pre-defined intervals. My autoresponder of choice is Aweber. There are others out there such as Get Response, but aweber has such a fantastic reputation for the delivery of mails i.e without them being sent to spam boxes. It does all the hard work of sending messages to your subscribers so you don’t have to!

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Website Hosting


If you’re going to put up websites you need to have somewhere to put them, so that people searching can find them, this is known as hosting. If you want to make serious money, then you might as well start with the best, Hostgator. I have to admit I didn’t, and have since suffererd under the hands of difficult hosting companies. Hostgator however, are probably the largest in the world and have an amazing support team if you get stuck. You can’t go far wrong with them.


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SEO Pressor



SEO Pressor is really useful if you are going to be creating WordPress websites. SEO Presser will help you get your website ranked correctly and you won’t need any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills when using this piece of kit either as it does it for you.

The Directory of Ezines

EZines are online electronic publications and they are targeted at specific users in each niche. They are highly effective was for you to attract your prospects and build an audience that are genuinely interested in what you are promoting. The Directory of Ezines is a place to advertise and has over 1000 lists that you can choose from.  Additionally, they will even help you write your advertisements for you.  Seriously great value.


This is an awesome site with every single graphic you could possibly need, Good quality too!. Check out the screen shot
There are loads more than I could possibly show in this screenshot. Check it out.

Ultimate Internet Marketing Graphic Set


Some other things you might find usefull:

Premium WordPress Themes:

Video Production: – Create killer promo videos for your product launches. – Another top-notch video producer. – Scott Lundergan is an award-winning Video Producer that can create a wide-variety of videos for your business.


Copywriters: – Chris Haddad – Vin Montello – Mike Jezek

Autoresponder (email and follow up messaage) Copywriters:

Voice Broadcasting: – Web-based voice broadcasting allows you to send voice broadcasts to your subscribers. Extremely powerful!


Checking what your competitiors are up to! – Find out which keywords your competitors are bidding on. – Find out exactly where your competitors are getting their traffic from. Find out which sites are responsible for sending traffic to their pages. Pretty cool, rather powerful stuff – Find out who your competitors’ top affiliates are. – A vast library of direct mail data, which allows you to learn from their tests and direct mail controls!

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