How To Overcome Market Saturation With Resell Rights Products!



Today I thought I’d talk about Resell Rights products.

What are they?

Simply, they are pre-made products that you are given certain rights to and can sell on. Like being able to put your name on the sales page, product etc

No matter how many people are selling the same product, it doesn’t matter. There are still going to be plenty of sellers if the demand remains.

Here’s an example: I got hold of a product called the ‘No Money System’ from Platinum Resell Rights which came complete with a sale page, download page, affiliate page, videos and graphics. All I had to do was put in my name and payment link, buy a new domain name and upload it to the server.

I made a new Clickbank account, sent it in as a product vendor and awaited approval. It only took a couple days to get confiramation and then I was up and running, ready to take orders.

Doing this alone can be enough to start sending a trickle of orders because there are a few ClickBank shopping malls and ad scripts that echo the data from ClickBank’s RSS feed.

Something else worth noting is that affiliates actively seeking the promotion of products can find your listing in the marketplace and “test” the potential profits from your product.

You should also note that from now on it’s your choice where you source your traffic.

I’ve heard so many people complain that there’s too much competition!… Competition is good… competition means activity is happening. If there wasn’t any, the product or market would be weak and wouldn’t be worth the time and effort.

Check out this site for setting up your resell rights eBooks, videos and software.

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