Method 3 Blogging – How to blog properly and why you should!

blogging imageChances are you have seen at least one . Blogging is an to get your thoughts broadcast into cyber space. A blog can be about anything you choose. In fact, your blog could even be all about your business. More and more these days, blogs are are replacing , why? because Google loves them!

They are easy to set up, and there are many themes available to personalise your blog and make it your own. Also it is fairly easy to do standard SEO () on your blog so that Google will find it and rank it accordingly.

Structuring your blog is a matter of personal preference. It is possible to organize your own private soapbox in any manner that you like. This means you can make your blog into a site where you write articles that have to do with subjects connected to your business.

You may toss in something that is involved with more general topics as well, such as business ethics, , and anything else that you think may drive the right people to your web site.

You can even use the main section of the blog to publish articles that spotlight features of various products and services that are sold on your web site. The possibilities for your are only limited by your imagination.

Along with the , you can also use blogging to allow customers to ask questions or make comments on either the articles or your product line. These types of features can help to bring people back to visit your blog regularly, since a or comments section is fairly likely to include something new to read every few days, if not every day.

In fact, you may get some great ideas for new articles from these sorts of activity, which will also go a long way in keeping your blog fresh. Plus, if you base articles on reader response, that is one more reason for people to come back and see what you have done lately.

Of course, you want to be sure to include links over to your web site that is easy to find. They may be imbedded in your articles or featured in handy sidebar on the main page of your blog. Making sure that your readers always have easy access to your business site is an ideal way to tempt folks to click over and make a purchase.

Don’t underestimate the impact of colors and images when it comes to your blog. Making your own little corner of the Internet visually appealing will only make visitors want to return from time to time.

However, be careful of using too much animation or large images that slow down the Blogloading of the pages. This is especially important if your target audience is likely to be among the millions of people who still rely on dial up connections for Internet access.

The longer it takes your pages to load, the less chance that someone will wait around to see what is going on at your blog. Quick loading means people will start reading sooner, and will be more likely to find something that catches their interest.

There are a number of resources online for setting up your blogging site. In some cases, you may be able to become an expert on a ‘how to’ site. This is an excellent opportunity, since some of these sites will pay a monthly stipend based on the amount of traffic you generate.

In exchange, you agree to keep the content of the site fresh and informative. This usually will require no more than a few hours per week, and the opportunity for generated revenue will be worth the time and effort.

If you are not in a position to piggyback on an information site, check with the service provider who provides you with bandwidth for your web site. Chances are they can also provide you with space and resources to create your own stand along blog.

While this approach does not allow you to generate revenue from the space provider, it does allow you the opportunity to promote your own business, and also sign up with an adword service to allow ads that have some relevance to your blog to place ads there. You will at least make a little money off the ads, and still have the ability to redirect people to your own site.

Before you jump into blogging, take some time and check out several blogs that are already online. Make note of the page layouts, the arrangement of the content, the types of graphics and images, and the space that is set aside for ads.

This will give you some ideas on what you can do with your space that will result in driving traffic to your business, as well as making a few pennies by hosting ads for related web sites.

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