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Yesterday was a really busy day for me, I hope it was for you too. Actually this had nothing to do with internet marketing at all! My wife (Daisy), who is a real go getter, well she got me didn’t she?, anyway that’s another story, started a Social Enterprise called Bullying Stinkz a couple of years ago.

Bullying Stinkz came about because my children were bullied terribly at several different schools. These were private schools too, which makes it even worse. It’s incredible how schools completely deny this is going on. Anyway back to the point.

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man-announce-02Things have really started moving recently for Daisy who has spent a lot of time and money getting this off the ground. Yesterday, we had local film crews turn up to do a splash for local news with photographers and journalists. I hid in my office! The house had been invaded by people with ordinary jobs!!. They were here for a good few hours and then, blow me, if another lot didn’t arrive on our doorstep from the nationals. Hours later normal service was resumed.

What’s the point of all this I hear you cry..

Well it got me thinking about internet advertising and how to increase people’s awareness of you. First of all, you need to have a decent product that people actually want. Secondly, you need to put that product in front of the people who want that product. Does that make sense? The fact that my wife has been creating this anti-bullying machine and then puts it in front of everybody using the media is exactly what you should be doing. It’s obvious really,  but most marketers are consistently peddling sh$t into your inbox. No wonder those who are really trying hard to make it are feeling frustrated!!

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What’s the Big Idea?

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