Do YOU Need A Helping Hand?

I had an old friend of mine, Benny come to stay over the weekend with his wife Liz and it got me thinking a LOT!

You see I’ve known Benny for about 25 years. We shared a flat in London when we were both gigging musicians, he a trumpet player and me a sax player.

He was very successful as it happened, doing work for the likes of level 42 among others, but the competition was tough and his heart wasn’t in it. He left the music business and bought a franchise into a car valeting business which he also made very successful.( Stick with me there is a point to this) However, the way business is, another party went bust owing him a lot of money and it had a knock on effect, sending his business the same way.

World Crashing Down

Their world came crashing down on them and they were forced to leave their home and move to somewhere a lot smaller without a job!. Benny has always been a grafter and soon managed to set up his own building company, but of course the nature of this type of business makes it difficult to be bringing in money every week regularly. He was still struggling. Having to pay back debts from his previous job and trying to get them ahead was starting to take its toll.

Heart attack on the horizon?

When I saw him this this weekend, and I haven’t seen him for about 6 years, I thought, “oh my god he’s going to have a heart attack”. The stress on his face spoke volumes. His main problem was that he was so stressed out, he couldn’t think straight! All he could think about were the impending debts, the bailiffs knocking at the door and how could he improve the business to pay off these debts. Well to me this was the road to ruin!! What he couldn’t see was that these weren’t his only choices. I managed to get him to open up and give me figures. I worked out that one of his choices was if he sold his property and paid off his debts, he’d still have money to either start again and/or move to a different area of the country where property was half price and nicer.

Alternatively, he could take his debt to a debt management company and pay it back at a very affordable rate and start to live again.

What’s the point of this story?

Well, when money’s involved, people seem to find it hard to think clearly about what their options are.

Are you short of money and desperately trying to make money on the internet, but all that happens is you spend more and more with no results?

I’m sorry to say that to build a proper business on the internet, built on concrete not sand, takes time. It especially takes time if you have no money to help finance it, although it’s not impossible. The steps are actually very simple, but the products being pedalled make it sound hard. A lot of products, not all, do actually work, but if you’re just starting out you don’t need any of them. They’re just shortcuts for people who have a business going.

Does this sound like you? Do you need help?

Leave a comment below this post or better still, Do something about it! I know these guys and can vouch for their products go here:  How to start online

to your success


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