Having a Passion in life – Why You Need it to be Successful!

I was at an last night. It’s a relative of my wife called who conducts the orchestra, and so of course we wanted to go along and support the cause, which was actually Unicef, not the orchestra!

I was asked by Martyn if I’d go along and operate the for the couple of people who were speakers that evening. Of course, why not?, I’ve done it a couple of times before, great! Anyway, as I sat at the back of the room watching all these musicians playing Beethoven’s , among others, it got me really thinking. Apart from the fact that that was what I used to do for a living and what fun it was/is, it made me think how much passion these people have for their music. You could see it on their faces, and they were not even being paid for it!

It got me thinking about and making . You see, in order to be successful in whatever niche you’ve chosen as a subject for your business, you need to have an for it. Why? Because if you don’t, your business will crumble around you ears.

It’s no mistake that 1% of the population earn 99% of all the money. These people have an absolute passion for what they are doing, and therefore, they never give up, regardless of the problems they may encounter along the way. Well where does this leave the rest of us? We can all still earn a working on the internet, but whatever you do, make sure you really love it! Your work will get finished, you will be very focused, and you WILL be finally rewarded for your efforts.

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