What happened next and where did it all go wrong?

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Me again. Glad you all liked my previous post, it obviously it stirred a few emotions in some of yer out there!

Man-CryingSo the question is, what happened next? Did I go on to make my first $1000 day? Urmmmmm…NO!

Of course not. You see the thing about solo ads, you might remember I said this is the best way to drive traffic immediatley
to your site, is that it just happens once. You throw a load of traffic at your squeeze page, say 100 clicks, and then it stops.

Out of those 100 clicks you may be lucky and get 15/20 people, possibly even 30, sign up to your list. Out of those you may get5 or so people buy your upsell. Not many really, but at least you know it’s targeted traffic.

So what’s the answer? If you can afford it, keep going. If not another great alternative is ad swaps.

What are Adswaps?

Adswaps are similar to solo ads except no money changes hands and you have to promote your partner’s swipe to
your list too. What’s a swipe? A swipe is the text, like a short email, that is sent to the list to get them to click on the link.

OK I hear you shout! “If I haven’t got a list yet, who am going to promote to?” Good question. Well this is where solos come
back in. In order to start doing adswaps, you HAVE to send a couple of solo ads out first, just to build your list to say 100-200 people.
Then you can start doing adwaps.

How do I find people to adswap with?

The easiest and safest way by far is a site called http://safe-swaps.com

This is a complete site dedicated to people building their lists using Adswaps and Solo Ads. It’s terrific! If you need any help
while you’re on there, there are many people who will help.

In conclusion, If you want to be an affiliate marketer of any description, you NEED TO BUILD A LIST!
That’s how the big gurus do it, although they neglect to tell you that when they make 100,000 in 30 days,
or whatever, they already have an enormous list.

There is no easy way, you just need to get started.

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