Finding and Surveying your Target Market

Survey your marketThe information you need to gather from your target audience will vary depending upon who you have targeted for your audience.  Still, there are several primary pieces of information you want to find out from your target audience.  This information includes:

· What kind of problems does the target market already face?

· What solutions are currently available to the target market?

· What do the members of the target market like most about the current solutions?

· What do the members of the target market like the least about the current solutions?

Don’t forget your primary goal is to help your target market solve an issue that it is facing them.  Therefore, you need to gain a clearer understanding of what that problem is and the obstacles the members of your target audience are facing when trying to overcome that problem. If you are in the make money online niche, for instance, you could ask questions on the Warrior forum, which is the biggest and best forum for internet marketers. Just type in  “your niche + forum” into google to find your relevant forums

If you are planning to provide an information product you also need to learn more about how your target audience would prefer to receive this information.  Does the market prefer to receive one ebook containing all of the information they need or would they prefer to receive the material as a set of mini-courses that are distributed over time?  Do they prefer to receive information in the form of an audio file or do they want to get the information via video?  Understanding the preferred method of delivery will further help you meet the needs of your target market, which will help you increase the number of sales you are ultimately able to make.

A great way to analyze what your market really wants is to simply ask them! Simple hey?

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