Easy Way to $10K

Here’s a direct path to $10,000 monthly:

Create and sell your own .

Many people who are just starting out don’t even realize that they have knowledge
that other people would be willing and even eager to pay for – and chances are, there’s an eBook in you that could make you rich!


•  You’ve lost a lot of weight and could teach others to do the same.

•  You know how to stretch the family budget.

•  You could teach others how to create and sell crafts.

•  You know

•  You know how to breed and raise dogs.

•  You’ve had years of homeschooling experience.

•  You’ve been a pastor of a church for thirty years.

•  You know how to trim shots off of a golf game.

The above list includes just a few ideas… but the !
Take time to brainstorm your interests and talents, and you’ll quickly discover that you know a lot about a particular topic. So once you’ve figured out what to write about, what do you do next?

Below is a step-by-step overview of the entire process.

Ten Proven Ways to Make at Least $10K Every Month

Remember that most of what you see on the list below can be outsourced to
competent freelancers:

 1)  Research the market to ensure your idea is profitable.
Your goal isn’t to find a market and give them a that requires them to
first be educated about why they need this product. That’s the long, hard and expensive way of making money. Instead, your goal is to choose a hungry
niche… and then give them a product that they’re ALREADY buying.

 2)  Research the competition so you can develop a better product.
Now, you don’t want to just give your market the exact same product as the
competitors are delivering to the customers. You want to make your product
unique – and you want to make it better. So your next step is to research the
competitors’ products to discover how you can improve upon the products the
market is already buying.

 3)  Create the product. Next, it’s time to take action.
Shut the ringer off on your phones, lock the door, close your email… and start
typing. Start with an outline and a goal to write XXXX of words per day. Then
keep typing until you finish your ebook – don’t worry about editing, because
you can do that once the draft is finished.

 Quick Tip: If you don’t like to type, then try a voice-to-text
product like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

If creating the product doesn’t sound like something you want to do yourself, then outsource the task.  Click Here  for details on outsourcing anything you want.

 4)  Set up your website, including a lead-capture system.
Next, you need to write a sales letter that sells your ebook and upload it to a
web page. You’ll also want to set up a squeeze page with an autoresponder as
a means to get your visitors to join your . This is important,
because won’t buy your ebook the first time they visit your site – the money is in your list!

 5)  Set up your system.
Most people don’t get rich selling just one product. Instead, they find their
wealth is hidden in the backend of their business – this is where existing customers buy more products and more expensive products from you.

As such, even as you create your first product, you need to also be developing
your backend sales system. You should set up various ways to contact and pitch
additional products to your existing customers, such as by email, postal mail,
, blogs or even through links in the products they’ve
already purchased.

And there you have it – the five-step path to riches.

It’s not a complicated process. Indeed, you can boil it down to a few words:

Find a hungry market and give them what they want.

To Your Success


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