The Easiest System to Get Started Online by Clive Hitchcock

Ok here we go!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I can help you with the information I’m learning. I decided the simplest way was to start at the beginning and create posts based on the system that , and a lot of other for that matter, use. So lets start with the system itself and a couple of graphics.

The System

Here are two different representations of the same system. Why have I included two? I’ll explain in a moment Here they are:

The Flowchart – Click to Enlarge

The Easiest System Mindmap – Click to Enlarge


The Flowchart gives you a visual idea of what you are trying to create. The place to start is your income/outcome. What does this mean?

Your income is : how much do you want to earn monthly/yearly/daily?
Your outcome is : What do I need to do to acheive this? i.e I’d like to have my up and running in two weeks.

To help you work this out, use the mindmap. This is a visual idea of all the steps you need to take to acheive your income/outcome. As you can see it really is as easy as 1,2,3. LOL. Don’t worry, I know it’s not really, but that’s exactly how others sell you the dream. In a way they are right, but of course there is an enormous amount of work to be done first, but they seem to forget to tell you that bit!

Let’s go into the mindmap deeper

As you can see, it all starts with the income figure. How much do need/want to give up your day job or live comfortably? I chose $12,500pm. I worked out that I need 463 people paying me $27 per month to reach that kind of target Regularly. I emphasize regularly because in order to achieve that amount every month, the easiest way is to set up a membership site. Now before you go switching off, just hear me out!

Have you ever stopped to think how many ebooks or single products you’d have to sell in order to achieve the same result? Not only that, but EVERY MONTH?! How do think the big gurus do it? With membership sites of course.

OK so we  send traffic to a squeeze page where you collect someone’s name and email in exchange for a free product of value. (Infinite Cash on Tap is a product I’m working on at present. If you would like to know when it’s ready, please sign up at the top right). They call this an ethical bribe. You could then send them to an upsell/one time offer, or not if you don’t want to. If they buy, then the next logical step is to offer them access to your membership site. If they don’t, then you still have their details to market to regularly, called email marketing.

No.2 on the mindmap is an either/or with No.1. i.e if you start from number 2 instead of number 1 you will, of course, end up with a list of buyers instead of freebie seekers. This is much more valuble!!

So that’s the system. You’ve probably noticed I’ve left out a vital component on the flowchart. I deliberately left this until last for a reason.

Your Blog

This is, or should be, the central hub to your business. Your authority site. This is where people go to find out more about you.


In my next post, I’m going to be giving you top tips to a successful blog.

In the meantime, please leave me a comment below and let me know if you liked the info I’ve been sharing with you or if you have any questions.

to your success



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