Dr Richard Wiseman’s 10 tips to boost happiness

When I left the music business to look after my twins as a house husband, I fell into a masive depression,
not because I was unhappy, but because I missed the limelight and the glory.

Anyway, I started to read and study books like Anthony Robbins – the giant within, Deepak Chopra,
think and grow rich, the E-myth, the Secret plus lots of other self help books. I always like wathcing funny movies
and comedians, so today I thought I’d share Dr Richard Wiseman’s top 10 tips to boost happiness.


Dr Richard Wiseman’s 10 tips to boost happiness

1) Meet up with a friend that you haven’t seen for a while

2) Watch a funny television program or film

3) Exercise for about thirty minutes three times a week

4) Cut your television viewing by half

5) Buy experiences not goods – go to a concert, movie, unusual place

6) Create novel challenges by starting a new hobby, a new skill, etc

7) Go for a 20min walk in the sun

8) Spend 10min listening to relaxing or uplifting music

9) Stroke a dog

10) Stop watching and reading the news

Source: http://richardwiseman.wordpress.com



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