Article Marketing – Why you should still do it!

Article Marketing has taken quite a beating in recent history with lots of people saying it’s dead and buried. This was largely due to the google’s Penguin and Panda updates which wiped out a lot of sites that google considered less than useful. Actually, article marketing is still worth doing, you just need to do it a little differently.

The days of mass submitting articles are long gone and, quite frankly, not that effective anyway. One would throw a lot of stuff out there and hope that some would stick, however, you can still drive traffic from articles.

I hear some people crying ” I’ve got so much to do, why do I want to write articles if it doesn’t get me much traffic”? Good question, but simply it’s another traffic method. Lets look at it like this, you’ve got to sit down and write a blog post once/twice a week, why not submit your blog post to the article directories too? That’s what I do. You only have to do the top two or three directories like Ezinearticles and Goarticles.

Here’s my top tips for writing a decent article:

Make sure your articles are 100% unique and at least 400 words

Make sure the articles you submit are you’re own or written by someone especially for you. Don’t use PLR articles, unless you’ve re-written them as much as you can. If your articles look like someone elses, you WILL be found out!

Write for people, not search engines

I’ve never been very good at SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). I’ve always seen it as another way to try and fool the search engines, don’t bother it isn’t worth the time and effort. Just write for people to read and your efforts will be rewarded.

Try the ’10 tips’ method

Why not use the ‘top tips’ method of writing your articles, like I have here. It’s very easy for someone to scan quickly and see what your article is about and also to make a quick decision as to whether they want to read your article all the way through.

Your Article Format

People often say, “but what do I write?” Well if you break your topic into the following 3 parts, it’s quite easy to come up with the rest

Here’s what I’m going to tell you: What is the topic you’re discussing?
Now I’ll tell you: Tell them about your topic
Here’s what I just told you: Write a summary of what you have just told them.

Your Bio Box

What is the bio box? It’s the part in your article where you get the reader to click for further information. Please, please don’t write about how wonderful you are and how long you’ve been in the business, the reader doesn’t give a monkeys about you, they only want to know where they can get more information on the topic. As long as they enjoyed your article that is!

You can use the bio box to drive traffic anywhere you like. Your blog, an offer or a squeeze page. Just keep it short and sweet.

 So just to finish off

Do not mass submit your articles and only submit to the top directories. Do, however, try to get your articles into other areas Blogs, newsletters, forums, newsgroups, etc

So you see, writing articles is still worthwhile even for a small amount of traffic. Just make sure you write something worth reading and you’re sure to see results.

to your success


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