Andy Shaw – What is a Bug Free Mind?

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Have you ever wondered why after reading all these or , your life hasn’t changed one jot. Well according to , it’s because you’re trying to put new information into a corrupted mind. Much the same as onto a . He also goes on to say that much of what has been taught before is wrong, well not wrong exactly, more confusing, as the words they use are inputing the wrong messages in your brain. This is how Andy Shaw describes this video:

“A , is the ultimate guide to success… In this video I explain what is different about how A works to how other work.

If you want to decide whether or not my books on success are worthy of the investment of your time then this video will convince you what’s special about them…

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There are two books or audio sets making up a bug free mind, ‘creating a bug free mind’ and ‘using a bug free mind’. I’ve got both the books and the and suggest that if you want to improve your life, or even just understand why we think the way we do, then these books are an absolute must.

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