Where’s my Aston Martin, Am I really this Stupid?

It all Started in November 2008. This isn’t reflected in my blog, I’m a slow learner so my blog didn’t go up until 2011.

I knew I had to start looking for another way to make money. I’d been working with my wife designing and publishing greeting cards. It was hard work and really wasn’t what I wanted out of life. Before this I was a pro saxophonist having an absolute ball.


I wanted this again!

I gave it up to look after my children. A very worthwhile cause, I think you’ll agree.

The first thing I got into was affiliate marketing, after all,  everyone said it was the easiest thing to do. You needed no website or product!

Yeh Right! You did need traffic however, so not as easy as they said then?.

I tried PPC traffic in the days when ads could still be sent directly to the offer. The learning curve was a bit steep for me and I pretty much lost my shirt, and then got banned by Google anyway. HOORAY!!


Then I got into building blogs.

You’ll like this!

I built blogs about a lot of things, back pain, dog training, , also pre built blogs with clickbank products on all ready to sell. But it wasn’t just the blogs themselves, I went through tons of plugins for autoblogging, getting articles written as well as spinning my own, creating an article blog that fed the traffic to the main blog. Went into local marketing trying to get local blogs ranked etc etc


Did I make any money? Of course not!

Can you imagine the amount of time it was taking me to do all this?

I feel exhausted just reading about it now, but one thing is clear –


I’m not going to give up and neither should you! The rewards, if done right, are just too great.

I must be up to 2010 by now.

I was introduced to Andrew Reynolds around this stage. I loved his system which I completely understood. I bought licenses to some fantastic products of seminars, created the sales page, did the graphics and generally spent a long time on them. These products had to be physical products, so I set them up through paydotcom and kunaki to create physical disks. Have you tried it? That’s no mean feat!!

Once again, however, there were things that held me back. The sales copy being one thing and the other was that he got his customers by buying lists (mostly). Your sales copy needs to convert well to get that to payoff, not to mention dealing with my angry wife who doesn’t believe any of this will work anyway!


I’ve STILL yet to prove myself.

I bought product after product thinking that I needed more education to complete these projects and fill in the missing holes. (I’ve spent thousands!!!)

But I was wrong!

I’m not saying that these products didn’t work; I’m saying that I had the answers all along but just couldn’t piece them all together in the right order or see the bigger picture.

Bringing it up to date, I joined the Six Figure Mentors under Stuart Ross.

He had a great idea by taking the bit that most people find hard out of the equation i.e. product creation. By doing this, everybody was selling the same products, HIS products. I felt trapped trying to sell his program, not because it wasn’t good but because Solo ad sellers etc wouldn’t accept it as there were too many people trying to promote the same thing. Also I wasn’t making a name for myself!!


Bring on . (Play the theme from ‘ROCKY’)

I’d seen Alex Jeffreys briefly before but not taken much notice at the time. (He’ll love that) This time however there was something different.
Is it because I’d learnt a lot in the meantime? I’m not sure! I joined his program for $20. The training is fantastic and nothing is held back, even for $20

Everything he said I thought “OMG that’s me” (Great Marketing)

I had the opportunity to join his Inner Circle team. Well if I can’t do this after paying $5000 for a mentor, then I might as well give up and take up basket weaving on some remote island!!

I had to borrow the $5000 off my parents to do it. They don’t have much money and I have to pay it back.


I was intrigued by Alex.

Here’s a man who’s dyslexic and therefore his spelling and grammar are poor and yet he makes a lot of money helping others. How? He leaves the science to others and concentrates on the ART of Marketing (i.e. the message which he puts a cross.)

Imagine getting everybody else to do the work while you just direct!! That’ll do me!!


For me this was the missing link.

I’ve spent all those years and time building blogs trying to get them ranked, graphics, affiliate marketing, learning how to use social media, monetising sites etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, all this is useful to learn but it takes your focus completely away from the goal – i.e. to help and show others.

Up to date: I have created my first product, had the graphics created. There are still things I need to do, i.e. get over the fear of creating videos and contacting affiliates amongst others, and I’m just waiting for the sale of a house to go through in order to fund my list building, banner ads and get help with the sales copy. PHEW!!

I feel at least I have the semblance of order now.

Does any of this sound like you?

Well perhaps you might like to follow along as I post my results from Alex’s training here on my blog.

If this is something that excites you I’d really like to hear from you. Just leave your comments below and tell me what you think. and also sign up for the blog follow ups

This whole thing could be a big adventure for the both of us.

Really look forward to hearing from you

To our


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