Affiliate Marketing – A simple 5 step approach

Affiliate marketingAffiliate marketing is indeed the lazy man’s best friend to making money online. In fact I would surmise a guess that 90% of people started internet marketing doing affiliate programs.

If you are new to internet marketing, I like to share with you how you too can profit from affiliate programs. Some technical know-how on using webpage editor like Microsoft FrontPage to do up a simple sales letter web page with an opt-in form will certainly be an advantage. In this short article I have to assume you do. Otherwise go to additional resource at the end.

With some practice, you can easily replicate these 5-step system in a day and create as many affiliate sites as you like.

Step 1 : Choose A Profitable Market

Decide on which market you like to enter. Try and choose something that you have either a deep passion in or some expert domain knowledge.

Research on what is the market potential by going to yahoo overture at [] and find out how many people search on a related keyword or keyword phrase last month! A number above 50,000 will be ideal.

Step 2 : Choose A Profitable Affiliate Product

Next go to which is the world’s biggest online marketplace for digital products. Look for a profitable affiliate product in your niche under Marketplace.

Take your time to shop for the best program to promote. If you can, try out the product yourself to see if it passes your quality check. You certainly do not want to recommend a lemon to your customers.

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A good program is one that :

• pays you above 50% referral commission

• ranks high on the popular and best-selling charts

• has a well-written sales pitch page that you yourself are convinced

Once you selected the program, sign up with Clickbank and get your hoplink to your chosen program.

Step 3 : Create A “Look-alike” Opt-In Page

Next, create a simple Opt-in page that sort of resembles the look and feel of the merchant’s pitch page.

Do not just copy and paste text from your merchant’s website. This is not ethical unless you sought prior consent from the owner. It may be quick and fast but the market will know soon enough trust me unless you are some kind of fly-by-night business which will self-destruct on the internet as all the fundamentals of business practice will still apply online.

An opt-in page is one where you can collect your subscriber’s name and email before you point them to the hoplink (the merchant’s sales page). By doing so, you are building yourself a list of customers where you could build relations with instead of starting from ground zero again when you market a 2nd affiliate product.

Try and give away a freebie for people to opt-in if you like.

Step 4 : Use An Autoresponder

Your prospect may not buy from you at the first attempt. If you know how to use an autoresponder, this is where you could simply write a series of “sales-pitching” emails to convince your prospect over time. A good rule of thumb is about 5 to 7 emails.

Highlight one unique selling point of the affiliate product in each email.

Do not spam your list. If they will not buy from you after 5 emails, they probably will not buy from you at all.

Step 5 : Drive Traffic To Your Opt-In Page

With all your autoresponder emails set up, the last task which is the most difficult is to drive traffic to your website.

For quick results, invest a little in pay-per-click ads from Google, Yahoo or other smaller search engines. If you have painstaking performed each step so far and have picked the best affiliate product to recommend with a strong and convincing sales letter coupled with equally well-written follow up emails, you should clocked some sales after a while.


Try this no-nonsense 5-step system to start your 1st affiliate marketing opt-in page today and simply replicate the 5 steps again for your 2nd affiliate product and so on.

Good luck to your internet affiliate marketing business.

to your success

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