Affiliate Marketing – Why it Might Not be the Best Place to Start

Man-With-Question-MarkAfter reading a lot of comments on the Warrior Forum and receiving the results my recent survey, it became very apparent that people who are still recently new to internet marketing believe that affiliate marketing is the easiest thing to get into. Well, there are pros and cons like anything else



  • You don’t need your own product: You can go all over the internet and find the best products there are. Not just downloadable ones but physical ones too, even brand name products have affiliates.
    You don’t need to create your own sales page: You send the prospect directly to the sales page that , hopefully, has been created by an expert. No more trial and error for you.
    You don’t need to deal with customer service i.e possible refunds: This can be a nightmare when you’re starting out, and takes up so much of your time that you could be using on driving more traffic.


  • You only get a certain percentage of the sale i.e commission: If you create your own product, you obviously get the full amount of the sale. Unless you use affiliates to drive traffic to your product. I’ll speak about that in a minute.
  • You don’t get to brand yourself as an authority: If you want to make mega bucks on line rather than a just few dollars, this is really important. You need to build your ‘ authority’ blog
  • You still have to learn and manage all the traffic driving techniques to get anywhere: This ones a biggie. To make a success of being an affiliate you  need to drive traffic to the offers. Even if you don’t do it yourself, you’ll need to pay someone else to do it, so you need to know your numbers and whether the product will convert.

Are you beginning to see the pitfalls?

What you should be doing is this

  1. Build your own blog like the one you’re on
  2. Have a freebie on your blog to give away and build your list
  3. Have a separate squeeze page to do the same thing
  4. Build Rapport with affiliates and let them send traffic to your page, or do solo ads if you can afford it!

In it’s most simplistic terms that is what you should be doing. Now , you don’t need to create your giveaway. Get a good quality PLR or resale rights product and put your name on it. Change the graphic on the front, and use your autoresponder to put an optin form on your sites.

If you’d like me to go into more detail about this sometime, please leave a comment below.

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