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Clive Hitchcock Internet MarketerIf you’re anything like me, the pain of not quite making ends meet every month suddenly became an obsession to make my life and the lives of my family better by learning internet marketing and how to make money using the internet. Before I tell you how I’m now doing this, here is a bit of background about me.

I grew up in Bognor Regis (someone has to) and left home at 17 to move to London and be a professional musician. I had started learning saxophone, clarinet and flute when I was 12 and it seemed to be the only thing I was relatively good at. I had a glorious life pretty much doing whatever I pleased, when I pleased, as long as I was earning money of course!

I backed many famous people as a gigging musician and saw a lot of the world while playing aboard cruise ships. I also did a lot of pit orchestra playing in the West End shows ending up with a permanent job with the BBC Radio Big Band recording for radio 2. All this before the age of 32.

Me and my WifeI met my gorgeous wife Jacqueline during one of the touring shows I had done, (she was a trumpet player), and we married a few years later. By this time I had moved to Norwich, something I didn’t even question at the time as it seemed so right.

In 1997, we finally managed to conceive and give birth to twins (boy and girl) using IVF. This was a very stressful time in our lives, but which fortunately ended well. When the twins were a year old I decided to leave the music business.

I was fed up of driving 50,000 miles a year, having nothing to show for it financially and I wanted to see my kids grow up. Who Wouldn’t? I hadn’t banked on falling into a depression after leaving my music behind and becoming a house husband. It was hard. I wanted to be good at something again.

My wife’s photography business was doing really well at that time, but the digital age was looming. I got up to speed with photoshop and turned her business digital, shutting down the darkroom overnight. Here lay a bit of a problem for me, where everything I seemed to do from then on was for other people.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked being indispensable to others and helping out with their computers and doing the odd website, but I wasn’t directly earning any money. I even got myself qualified as a Microsoft PC Technician to setup a network of computers for the business – but it wasn’t my business, because I wasn’t making the decisions.

We then started a greeting card design and publishing business with photographic images of our children. Once again, I wasn’t the brains behind this, but I needed to support my wife who wouldn’t have been able to do it on her own. We were successful, selling our cards all over the world, but we had just created jobs for ourselves.

Eventually we discovered outsourcing and went ahead to pass all the tasks of the business to other people around the world and then just manage them. Phew! What a relief! Finally I could relinquish most of my duties on to other people. This gave me a bit more time to look at what I really wanted. I always knew there was a better way without having to work so hard! I got into internet marketing, or trying to make some extra money online. I don’t know what lead me to it, I just did.

I wanted a business that I had created and could be proud of, but I wasn’t really a business person. Also I wanted to earn more money so that we didn’t have to work so hard. Both of us had had health problems over the years. So what, I hear you cry, doesn’t everyone? Yes, but not everyone does anything to improve their lives on demand either!

Anyway, I must have bought pretty much all the products you can think of promising a new life, the house of your dreams, more holidays blah, blah, blah! I just couldn’t seem to make these work, a common occurrence it seems. I always took action, but then you’d hit a problem that nobody seemed to want to answer. Funny that! Is that you too?

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Sean McDermott
Sean McDermott

You're right about one thing—I'm completely broke. I just threw my last dime into the collection plate at Mass yesterday. Before that, I had a dime and a penny, but misplaced the penny. I'm a musician, a composer and a singer, and I never imagined I'd ever reach this state in my life with no light at the end of this seemingly endless dark financial tunnel. So what's the secret, if there is one? Regards, Sean...


Hi Sean Thanks for leaving a message. I know how you feel. Actually I was a musician too, but gave it up to look after my children. It does seem like a dark tunnel. I've spent a lot of time and money trying to figure this out too. I actually had to borrow the $ 5000 from my parents to be mentored by Alex Jeffreys. They've got no money either. Anyway, do keep coming back to my blog and reading my emails. I'm actually working on a product at the moment that I'd like to give to my list. I'm not sure if people might find it a bit daunting, but if you take a step at a time it's actually quite a straightforward system. I'll let you know when its ready! There is no Secret at all. You've probably read all you need to know, but piecing it all together in the right order and knowing how the gurus do it is the chalenge. Speak soon Clive