7 Best Tips To Get More Done by Clive Hitchcock

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If you’re anything like me, the slightest distraction can put an end to a whole days planning, especially when working from home. I just thought I’d come up with a few tips to help your day go a bit more smoothly. I’m sure there are many more, but these should get you thinking about it.


If you are trying to get more things done, then organization should be the main thing that you should focus on. When you are organized, you will realize that things just seem to run smoother.

Whether it is with your belongings or with your schedule, you will need to make sure that things are organized. Keep a tidy desk, for instance. It helps me to think straight.

Time Management

When you manage your time correctly, you will surely get more things done. This means that you should make use of every hour of the day and try your best to stay productive at all times. If you really plan to get things done, switch off your phone, skype, facebook and twitter. If there are other people in the house, put on a set of headphones and let them know that this means you are busy!


While you are working, you will need to remain focused at all times. Especially if you have done everything I said above.

Remember that you do not want to waste any time and it is important to try your best to not be distracted by little things like the internet and other minor distractions.


You will need to understand that nutrition is something very crucial towards your focus throughout the day. An unhealthy diet will lead to an up and down day that will lead to less focus.

If you are able to eat a healthy diet, you will see an increase in your focus. So NO Macdonalds for lunch lol! Drink water instead of coffee, if you can stand it, we all know it’s better for us.


Getting enough sleep is very important and 8 hours a day should be the minimum. If you happen to feel tired during the day, then a 15 minute nap will have you up and ready in no time. I do this regularly. What is it with people going through the whole day without a rest? The europeans don’t do it! I’m actually diabetic, so I need a bit of extra rest. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol!


You will be energetic after this short nap and you will be able to get this energy from caffeine. However, you do not want to take caffeine 5 hours before you sleep as it can stop you from getting a good night of sleep.

I heard the other day that the real meaning of a coffee break or cat nap was that if you drink a cup of coffee and then sleep for twenty minutes, when you wake you’ll be ready to face the world because coffee takes about 30 minutes to kick in. I’m sure someone will tell me this is rubbish, but it sounds plausable.

Taking a Break

Sometimes working too hard can wear you down and so you will simply need to take a break to see more things get done in the future. Take a break and you will then be back to work with a new sense of motivation.

All these things amount to a bit of common sense, but we all need reminding now and again, don’t we?

to your success




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