How I made my first $100 online – and how you can too!

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I’ve had a couple of emails recently saying, it’s all very well having these educational products which teach us the strategies amd ways of making money, but how did I get started online and would I do the same thing again?

So here goes, this is how I made my first $100 online.

It took me 3 years to get to this point, going from one product to another, being promised this and promised that! Does this sound familiar? Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. I’ve heard this so many times before that it almost seems as if you have to go through this pain in order to finally see the light. One chap I knew had been trying for 14 years!! A little excessive perhaps, but he still went on to achieve a couple of million dollars. Not bad ehh?

Anyway, I finally realised that in order to really understand, I had to get a mentor, or two, as it turned out.  I started by joining the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) under Stuart Ross. I learnt an enormous amount and it’s a fantastically clever system, but just before you rush off to sign up, you need to read the rest of this as there was a reason I left the system. (Not to do with the teaching)

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I then noticed, after I’d left SFM, there was an enormous amount of buzz around a chap called Alex Jeffreys. He’s a star pupil of Rich Schefren and Mike Filsaime who are both American. Alex is Welsh, so he’s more accessible to us folks in the UK.  I joined his beginner’s program and went through the training. WOW there was an enormous amount of stuff there but written in a do this, do that kinda way. It was very logical. I liked it so much I borrowed $5000 off my parents, who could ill afford it, and joined his inner circle. I’m still in his inner circle today, and still going through more videos as I implement what he teaches.

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What I learnt

It all boils down to a system.

  • The first thing to do is set up your authority site/ blog on WordPress. Just like the one you’re looking at. (but better)
  • Set up and autoresponder account. I reccommend Aweber. You’ll need this to keep in touch with your subscribers.
  • Create a product like an ebook or a video, either by doing it yourself or using Private Label Rights products. You’ll be giving this away on your optin page.
  • Create your optin page. This where  you create an ethical bribe by offering a free gift in return for a free product. Now don’t get me wrong, this product needs to be a high quality report, not junk. This is what takes time because most of what is out there is junk! If you find this techy stuff difficult, try going to it’s great site where people will pretty much do anything for $5
  • When people have signed up to your list they then need to go immediatley to a paid product. Now this could be anything, as long as it is related to the sign-up product. You could promote something from clickbank or JVZoo.

Traffic Generation

This is the big problem for most people, but it needn’t be.

There are two types of traffic, Free or Paid. Most people opt for free traffic because, well it’s free!:) What you have to remember is that both types have their pros and cons. Free traffic isn’t really free because it uses all your time to do it. That’s one comodity you will never get back. If you have some money, I’d use it, but not until everything else is in place.

When you have your funnel in place, the best way to get traffic quickly is using  Solo ads! Quite simply you pay someone else to send an email to their list promoting your squeeze page. If they like it, they’ll sign up. If they like your paid product, they’ll buy it.

Me Excited!

Me Excited!


That’s how I made my first $100 dollars.

Going back to why the SFM didn’t work with this, because everyone had the same offer (you’re bascially selling Stuart Ross), solo ad sellers wouldn’t promote them.

I think this is a great way to get traffic quickly to see if your page converts well enough. After that you could get affiliates to promote, but that’s a whole different story.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please sign up below or for a free product opposite and I’ll keep you up to date.

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