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Do you know why a lot of people seem to fail when it comes to making ?Well there are many reasons, but the one I’m concentrating on today is procrastination.

I’m as guilty as the next person, when I started out it would take me so long to make a decision, it was almost not worth doing by the time I got around to it. I wanted to make sure I was making the , which of course everyone should do, but just by waiting  longer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the . You need to try and follow your instincts a bit more. You’ll certainly get more done!

The reason I talk about procrastination today is that a lot of people can’t seem to recognise a brilliant opportunity when it does arise, and by the time they’ve made a decision, it’s too late. The Six is a fantastic system that must not go ignored! It has everything within the system that most newbies, or even full time marketers, struggle with and therefore give up and fail. This system is for everyone who wants to earn money online, whether it be MLM, Network Marketing, and in any niche.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to sign up now:

1. This system was created by two millionaires – Stuart Ross and Daniel Wagner both have a wealth of experience in knowing exactly how to help you build your online business from the ground up. They’re just like you and me, they started with nothing but quickly learned what works and what doesn’t in an ever changing internet. Who better to learn from than those who have already done it.

2. You get access to a community of like-minded people – When most people stuck at a certain point, with a technical difficulty or just need a second opinion, they have nowhere to turn to. Not so with SFM, there is a community of people doing the same thing as you are and can help in many ways. Where are the best places to advertise? How do I know if my ad campaign was successful? All these and more can be answered either through a forum or on live chat.

3. You get – Ok so there are many places where you can get hosting today, but how good is it? With SFM you get FREE hosting that has been taylored to fit the new entrepreneur. Besides, why would yoy want to pay for it when its included in your subscription?

4. – Are you fed up of trawling the internet trying to find out How to create Facebook pages or How to set up a squeeze page? Inside SFM you get lots and lots of training videos that you can access at any time. If there is something you would like Stuart to do a video on, just ask him.

5. Pre-written autoresponder emails – This is a killer! How many people do think fail at internet marketing because they can’t write, or don’t want to write, or are just afraid of knowing what to say? I know I was one of them. Well inside SFM you get a whole bunch of pre-written messages to go inside Aweber or whoever you use, and the best thing is you can insert your own links in them really easily. A !

6. Products to promote – This can be a big problem for a lot of people. You know you want to make money online, but what do you sell? Your prayers are answered here, not only do you get top notch products to sell as an affiliate, but they’ve already been tested and convert higher than a lot of other programs. This means that it really is worth all the effort to promote them.

7. Landing Pages/Sales Pages/Squeeze Pages – How much time does it take you to create any of these? If you’re a bit of a techno phobe like me, then ages. They are all created for you here, but of course if you are techno friendly, then you can adapt any of the pages to make them unique to you.

8. FREE Graphics – Not a Photoshop expert? Don’t worry it’s all covered in SFM. All the graphics for the products here are given to you on a plate. If you need other graphics for your own projects, there are plenty of people here to point you in the right direction.

9. $1000 Commissions – Have you ever heard of an affiliate program that gives you $1000 in commissions for making just one sale?NO? Niether had I, but you can here. If you someone joins SFM underneath you in your team and then upgrades to the Elite membership you will get $1000. How many of those do you need to have a comfy life?!

10 Finally, Coffee Calls and Webinars – Have a burning question to ask but don’t want to use the forum or live chat? About 3 times a week there is a live coffee call where you can log in and ask as many questions as you like. On top of this there are . Log in to be part of a discussion with some of the industry’s top gurus. This is not a pitch fest, but a time to discuss various elements of marketing and how to do it.

OK, so there we have it. 10 reasons why if you’re serious about your online marketing, you should join the Mentors. Of course now you have a choice, do you believe what I say and take the plunge to try it out, you can cancel at any time, or do you procrastinate for longer and then move on to another push button opportunity. Let me help you out here, PUSH BUTTON RICHES DON’T EXIST, they never did.

Do try to make the right decision, SIGN UP NOW below

to your success


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