Don’t Promote Scammy Products!

A man ThinkingIf you’re just starting out online, one of the worst things
you can do for you and your business is the promotion
of scammy products.

Before we get started, it’s important that I get the point
across that not only products are scammy.

There are plenty of great products on the market that
you can promote to your list.

However, the products that appear to scams are just
too tempting for some people not to promote.

These are the products that have the wild claims with
a lot of hype in the salesletters.

They look something like this-

“Lose 50 Pounds in 7 Days with These Magic Pills”
“Make $10,000 in the Next 2 Weeks Starting From Nothing”

The reason people like to promote these products is
because they convert so well.

The reason they convert well is because they prey on
desperate people.

People who are in a bad situation are more likely to let their
guard down and believe just about anything that will help
them get out of their bad situation.

These products have so much hype that these desperate
people want to believe the claims, even though they probably
know they really aren’t true.

While these products might sell a lot, they’re also prone to
high refund rates. So any money you make may be returned

Instead, look for good quality products to promote. While the
claims might not be as drastic, there are still some amazing
products out there for people who have a need for them.

The best thing you can do is promote products that you’ve
actually purchased and reviewed.

If you can do this, the sincerity of your review will stand out.

Even better, if you review a product and don’t recommend it.

Your subscribers will see you as honest and trustworthy and will
be more likely in the future to support you and your business.

So remember to promote real products that give real results.

And only promote products that you’ve personally tested.

If you can do this, you’ll create a loyal following.

Hope you enjoyed this – please leave your comments!

Hey!…What’s the Big Idea?

Dear Reader

Yesterday was a really busy day for me, I hope it was for you too. Actually this had nothing to do with internet marketing at all! My wife (Daisy), who is a real go getter, well she got me didn’t she?, anyway that’s another story, started a Social Enterprise called Bullying Stinkz a

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….and all that Jazz!

Hi I was thinking about what I could blog about today when it hit me, why don’t I just talk about me. Everyone knows about themselves right? Well Yes and No.

Last night I was playing at a Jazz festival in North Norfolk ( I’m a sax player) and I was in quite a meloncholy

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How I made $583.45 last week – and how you can too!

A Make Money Online System That Has 95% of The Work Done For You

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How To Outsource Your Work To Leverage Your Time

Hi Folks

Just back from a two week family holiday in Florida. Phew! Scorchio!! Here’s an article I wrote about outsourcing. Let me make this clear, everyone should be doing it!!

How To Outsource Your Work To Leverage Your Time

Learning how to outsource your work is not difficult at all. Most people believe that

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The Ocean of Internet Marketing…Follow the Journey from Small to BIG Fish!

What happened next and where did it all go wrong?

Hi Folks

Me again. Glad you all liked my previous post, it obviously it stirred a few emotions in some of yer out there!

So the question is, what happened next? Did I go on to make my first $1000 day? Urmmmmm…NO!

Of course not. You see the thing about solo ads, you might remember

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How I made my first $100 online – and how you can too!

Hi Folks

I’ve had a couple of emails recently saying, it’s all very well having these educational products which teach us the strategies amd ways of making money, but how did I get started online and would I do the same thing again?

So here goes, this is how I made my first $100 online.

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Internet Marketing – Just Get Started!

Hi Readers

Hope you’re all had a great Easter break here in the UK? The sun is shining and it looks like Summer might actually be here at last.

You Celebrating!

Myself and my wife, Daisy, did a spot of gardening yesterday. Now I don’t know about you, but I HATE gardening. I don’t

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Social Media – How to Flood Your Site With Buyers

Social Media – The Facts 350 million plus users suffer from “Facebook addiction syndrome” If Twitter was a country it would be the 12th largest in the world If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world LinkedIn signs up 2 new members every second The average visitor spends 15

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